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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Skincare routine for very dry sensitive skin!

Hey everyone!
i just wanted to let you all know a very nice skincare routine to try if you have super dry skin like i do!
I use the Body shops Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream
during the day because the ponds one is to thick to put makeup on top of.
I use this Olay blackhead clearing scrub twice a week.
I use the Olay total effects moisturizing  face wash  for aging skin every night to remove any oil any makeup that remains on my face. I know you're probably think why a 16 year old would be using an anti aging cleanser but I use it because most anti aging products are used to bring moisture back into the skin.

I use the MAC eye makeup remover every night to remove my eye makeup and any long wear lip  makeup I have on.

I use the Ponds dry skin cream at night to bring moisture back into my skin

First thing in the morning I use ponds evening soothe wipes...(yes i know they say evening soothe but I have sensitive skin and the morning ones are very irritating)

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