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Thursday, May 19, 2011

a-z of me! I tag you!

Age: 16 in June
Bed Size: Queen
Chore you Hate: washing dishes
Dogs: 1
Essential start of your day: well it used to be yoga...but I hurt my back :(
Favourite Colour: turquoise
Gold or Silver: gold
Height: 5 11'
Instruments I play: I used to play the guitar
Job Title: I only work part time
Kids: none
Live: in Canada
Makeup brand I love: hmmm... NARS or maybelline!
Nickname: Rachy
Pet Peeve: people who complain about other peoples achievements
Quote from a movie: Sorry, we only carry sizes 1, 3, and 5. You could try Sears. - Mean Girls
Right or left handed: lefty♥
Siblings: 3 brothers
Time you wake up: 6:00am
Underwear: Victoria's secret
Vegetables you dislike: broccoli
What makes you run late: hate to sound materialistic but anything to do with my appearance 
X-rays you've had done: hip, back and leg
Yummy food you make: chips and dip, pizza, tacos, French fries (basically anything super salty)
Zoo animal: giraffes!

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